Studio DAZ architetti associati has collected more than 25 years of experience in the design of public and private constructions, restoration and renovation of buildings, catering and retail spaces, as well as museums, exhibitions and artworks.

Throughout about 15 years, Studio DAZ has been involved in the design of transport infrastructures; in addition to railway and metro station projects, it has been providing projects and curating commercial spaces in airports, cruise ships and ferries.

Although based in Naples, Studio DAZ has been operating throughout Europe, the United States and Arabic countries.

Studio DAZ has carried out the design and technical coordination for the staging of particularly complex contemporary artworks and exhibitions, working with artists such as Damien Hirst, Richard Serra, Anish Kapoor, Anselm Kiefer, and Rebecca Horn, among many others.

In collaboration with Architect Alvaro Siza, Studio DAZ was in charge of designing and constructing the M.A.D.RE Museum (Museo di Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina) in Naples.

Studio DAZ was responsible for the renovation and the new layout of several exhibition spaces in Castel Sant'Elmo, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, and the Capodimonte Museum. In addition, it was in charge of the technical coordination of the art installations in Piazza del Plebiscito, the design of the inaugural exhibition at the MAXXI Museum in Rome, and the design and construction of two contemporary art galleries.

Thanks to these experiences, in 2005, the concessionaire of the railway line SEPSA entrusted Studio DAZ to join the Stations of Art mission. It developed a preliminary draft (which then came to be selected as the final project) for the design of the Monte Sant'Angelo Station in Naples, curated by the artist Anish Kapoor with Future Systems - London (currently Amanda Levete Architects AL_A). Since 2007, Studio DAZ has been in charge of developing the executive architectural project for it.

In 2012, NME (Napoli Metro Engineering s.r.l. currently Metropolitana Milanese) entrusted Studio DAZ to curate the executive design of the Subway Station, as well as the surface layout, of Piazza Municipio in Naples, interchange between Line 1 and Line 6 - on the final design and in collaboration with - Portuguese Architects Alvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura.

In 2012, commissioned by the German Consulate in Naples, StudioDAZ worked on restoring a portion of the historic Palazzo Sessa (Naples, city centre) to accommodate the location of the new headquarters of the Goethe-Institut.

Since 2014, Studio DAZ has been working on the design and construction supervision to implement the new wing (Braccio Nuovo) of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, cooperating with Architect Giuseppe Capuozzo on behalf of the Soprintendenza Per I Beni Archeologici di Napoli.

In 2013, throughout the renovation of the former Galleria Lucio Amelio at Palazzo Partanna in Naples, Studio DAZ was in charge of staging a series of exhibitions of contemporary artists on behalf of Galleria CasaMadre.

Since 2010, Studio DAZ has been developing commercial structures in the retail sector, either for individual brands or large distribution groups.

The duty-free distribution group Gebr. Heinemann - Hamburg commissioned Studio DAZ the designing of the retail spaces located inside the airports of Bologna, Pisa, Catania and Turin, as well as those hosted by the NATO base located in Lago Patria and on cruise ships of the MSC-Cruise Group.

In 2013, Studio DAZ received from MSC Cruise the direct assignment to design all the retail spaces of the NewBuilding sector on the newly built ships.

In 2018, Studio DAZ secured enduring cooperation with Studio Adler Bauprojekt - Frankfurt, which aimed at developing the shared design of real estate structures in Germany. The recent project Cologne Apart was aimed at converting the Cologne Central Post Office building into a residential complex.

Since 2020, Studio DAZ personnel have been head of the Architecture and Design sector within The Aimes Consortium, which operates in Contemporary Art events, production and services, especially in Arab countries. As part of The Aimes Studio DAZ developed the design of several internationally relevant - exhibition such as Andy Warhol "Fame" at the Maraya Concert Hall in Al Ula, 2023.


Founding members 

Architect Daniela Antonini
Date of birth: 8th December 1967
Place of birth: Naples
Nationality/Citizenship: Italian

Architect / Engineer Alexander Sebastian Zaske
Date of birth: 31st May 1968
Place of birth:  Berlin (Germany)
Nationality/Citizenship: German

Human resources
n.7 permanent members architects
n.2 projects associates architects


Languages spoken
European language levels (CEFR) A1 basic - C2 excellent
Italian: native speaker
German: native speaker
English: C1
Portuguese: C1
French: A2
Spanish: A2